Top 8 Best Google Picasa Alternatives 2019

oogle Picasa is available on third-party software download sites, but the security risk is high because it won’t receive any update. So, in this article, we have listed some of the best Google Picasa Alternatives for photo editing and management.

The search giant Google killed Picasa way back in 2016. Now Picasa is just a distant memory, but before its demise, Picasa used to be the best photo management software for Windows. Not only image management, earlier, Google Picasa was also known for its photo editing tools as well.

In 2016, Google Picasa was replaced by newer photo storage and sharing application, Google Photos. Although Google Photos is a suitable replacement which offers lots of cool features, still lots of users want the old Google Picasa software for photo management.

The great thing is that Google Picasa is still available for Windows users, but users need to download it from third-party software sites. It’s worth no note that Google has officially killed the Google Picasa software, so, even if you choose to use the software, there will be no future updates.

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Top 8 Best Google Picasa Alternatives 2019

So, in that situation, it’s best to search for Picasa alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of Google Picasa alternatives available on the web that can help you with photo management and editing. In this article, we are going to share a list of best Picasa alternatives 2019.

#1 Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the best Google Picasa alternatives that you can consider. The great thing about Google Photos is that it seamlessly integrates with other Google services like Google Drive to sync photos across devices. Apart from that, just like Google Picasa, Google Photos is also free, and it offers lots of image editing features as well.

#2 Photoscape


Photoscape is another best Google Picasa alternatives in 2019 that you can consider. The great thing about Photoscape is that it brings in a plethora of image editing and management features. Although the software doesn’t provide cloud storage features like Picasa, it stands out from the crowd due to it’s easy to use image editing tools. Not just image editing, it also provides users useful features like screen capture, splitting photos, etc.

#3 XnView


XnView is one of the best and top-rated photo viewer app available for the Windows operating system. You won’t believe, but XnView right now supports more than 500 different image formats. Apart from that, the photo viewer software for Windows is blazing fast and easy to use. The user interface of XnView replicates the look of Google Picasa and its definitely the best photo viewer app for Windows 10.

#4 Flickr


Flickr is another best cloud-based image sharing site where you can share photos for free. Although Flickr is generally known as an image sharing site, it also specializes in photo storage and management. Under the free account, Flickr allows users to store 1,000 photos. Apart from that, Flickr also offers a few image editing tools from Aviary. So, Flickr is another best Picasa alternatives in 2019 that you can use right now.

#5 Dropbox


Well, Dropbox is cloud storage which can be used to store almost all file types, including images, videos, docs, etc. The cloud storage service is generally known for its ease of use and simplicity. If we talk about the photo management feature, Dropbox allows users to set up folders to organize photos. So, Dropbox is another best cloud-based service which can be used to store photos.

#6 FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

If you are searching for a best free image viewer software for your Windows computer, then you need to pick FastStone Image Viewer. FastStone Image Viewer is one of the best top-rated image viewer app available out there. The great thing about the image viewer is that it supports a wide range of image file format.

#7 Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer

Apowersoft Photo Viewer is one of the simple and best Windows photo viewer on the list which you can consider. The photo viewer tool is known for its ease of use and simplicity. Just like Picasa, Apowersoft Photo Viewer also provides users a few basic photo editing options like adjusting brightness, contrast, etc. Apart from that, Apowersoft Photo Viewer supports a wide range of image formats including PNG, BMP, PDF, HEIC, etc.

#8 IrfanView


IrfanView is another best free photo management tool available for Windows operating system. The great thing about IrfanView is that it needs less than 5 MB of storage to install on your computer. Despite being a lightweight software, IrfanView brings all the essential features. However, the software lacks image editing features. Still, IrfanView is one of the best Google Picasa alternatives 2019 that you can consider.

So, these are the 8 best Google Picasa Alternatives that you can consider. If you know any other such tools, let us know in the comment box below.

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